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How Nelly's Scalp Got Her Moving Again!

My usual shopping routine was changed forever the day I met Nelly. She worked as a cashier at one of the major retail chains in South Africa. I got to the checkout counter and was waiting to pay for my groceries, when I saw Nelly, she started tapping her scalp uncontrollably with genuine frustration and pain on her face.

I asked her if was feeling unwell to which she replied :'My scalp is killing me' I suggested that she gets something to help her from the local health and beauty store. She told me she has tried so many hair care products and nothing has helped! She was desperately looking for relief and comfort for her itchy scalp. She pulled out a product from her handbag that she was currently using and said that she thought it was causing further damage to her scalp and she has tried everything including natural remedies.

I left the store determined to change Nelly's situation forever.

That was 3 years ago, today African Essence Stop Itchy Scalp provides a easy to use, quick time application and fast results for Nelly and the 8 out of 10 black woman for suffer from this real and painful itchy scalp discomfort.

Nelly enjoys wearing all hairstyles, going to church, chilling with friends, going to gym but now with no scalp discomfort or pain. She has gotten her mother and sisters to use African Essence Stop Itchy Scalp spray.

She jokingly tells me she scans products faster at the checkout now. 

That's why I introduced African Essence Stop Itchy Scalp Spray because I wanted Nelly and so many black woman to get out there and live life happy.

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