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Futurestreams has launch the African Essence brand and is devoted to itself to scalp health and personal grooming product solution for the last 4 years. It aims to provide products that affordable to the mass market without compromising the products quality.


Futurestreams has a distribution network nationwide and has just launched African Essence into over 200 Clicks stores nationally with a great promise of expanding into more hair salons, mass-market stores, branded retail and e-commerce. Research and innovation is at the core of Futurestreams strategy, African Essence seeks to deeply understand African women and men’s lifestyle challenges and act to create products to provide a happier and more confident lifestyle.


Our New Reality

8 out of 10 Black Woman suffer from unbearable and painful itchy scalp

Our Vision

Scalp Health and Wellness

Our Mission

Help Prevent and Relief Scalp Challenges one person at a time

Our Core Business

We focus on Black Woman and Children who suffer from itchy scalp as a result of the continuous use of harsh chemical hair treatments and hair styling which causes the clogging of the pores, irritation and excessive sweating leading to dry skin, dandruff, itchy scalp and ring worms in children.

Our Brand Definition

Tomorrows Value Today Simple, Safe and Valuable

Our Product User Psychology

Get Out There, Live Happy Confidently

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